No medical professional should ever be without the tools to save lives

ROWAN Medical Supply was established to provide the product backing and supply chain expertise to ensure that medical equipment is always in the hands that need it. Through our extensive network of local, regional and international partners, we are able to bring critical equipment to the right hands at industry leading prices, regardless of supply chain disruptions.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made this more important now that ever before. The pressing need for safe, certain and affordable medical supplies in all sectors has turned our focus to the immediate need of securing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and non-durable medical equipment to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. Our mission in these uncertain times is to ensure that everyone has access to the supplies they need and at prices they can afford to stay safe. Wherever possible, we offer products at below-market prices to ensure that no barrier exists between medical equipment and the hands that need it.

Together we will beat this virus.

Portrait of confident mature black doctor consulting digital tablet and looking at camera. Smiling african american doctor with stethoscope using tablet at medical clinic. Happy healthcare worker using computer at modern hospital.

We Are Here For You


Our supply chains are tried and tested, and have overcome even the most difficult effects of the global pandemic. Our supplies come through.


We know that a specific brand, certification or product type can sometimes make all the difference. We source many items beyond our regular offering on request.


Lives depend on the quality of our products. We make sure that our products are delivered in time, the right way, guaranteed.

When It Matters Most

Our products save lives. we know that we have to provide the best, cheapest and most effective products on the market because the lives of our loved ones literally depend on it. When it matters most, you can count on us to come through.

So thankful for ROWAN Medical Supply. We received the masks we ordered quickly, and with none of the hassles we've experienced in the past. They were professional and helpful at every stage.
Sophia Truesdale
Procurement Manager